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GAME NAME: Paladin | PLAYED: [ 478 ] Times.
GAME DESCRIPTION: Kognor, The God Of Death, Has Taken Over The World With His Army Of Undead Minions. Hidden Away Deep Inside A Sanctuary, You Have Been Trained In The Ways Of The Light And The Sword, So One Day You Would Be Able To Fight These Evil Powers. It Is Up To You To Reclaim The World From The Disgraceful Beings That Move On Its Surface.
GAME CONTROLS: Move Through The Levels And Defeat The Undead Press The ASWD Keys To Move Around. Use The Mouse To Aim, Left Click To Attack. Press Space To Jump, F For A Kick Attack. Press Q To Use A Health Potion, E For An Aura Potion. Press 1 To 7 To Select A Spell. Hold Shift And Left Click To Use A Spell.

Paladin Game
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